Welcome to Megaton Games – Publisher of the QuestCore RPG system and the StormRing fantasy setting. The “Dungeon of the Day” blog have started! Please click the link above.

Latest news

The Kickstarter “Dungeon of the Day” was a brilliant success. 1001% funded. We have now opened the map blog (see above). We are also sellling maps from the blog at DriveThruRPG.com. Go check out our maps there: Megaton Games at DriveThruRPG

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Our games


QuestCore, a role-playing game system, is designed to be used in any setting – from fantasy to science-fiction. QuestCore will be released later this year.

Age of Adventure

Age of Adventure is a boardgame where the players travel across the world on an exciting treasure hunt. Release date is not decided yet.

StormRing fantasy setting

This is a rich fantasy adventure setting for your fantastic adventures. It features many high quality maps. Will be released later this year.