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Kickstarter ended!

The “Dungeon of the Day” Kickstarter was funded by 1000%. Thank you all backers!

Now I am working with the maps – mainly trying to fulfill the stretch goals (funishing etc. for sci-fi, outdoor, temple, and inn). Hope to start the map blogging soon (within a few weeks). Please post a comment if you have any questions – I will try to answer quickly!

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“Ain’t it Cool News” said some words about Dungeon of the Day:

“The biggest challenge for a lot of us who run games regularly is tracking down fresh and interesting maps. Dungeon of the Day is less a single product and more a subscription to, just as it says on the tin, get a new dungeon every single day for 111 days. You also get 10 sci-fi themed maps and an adventure written by Skip Williams (designer on D&D 3rd Edition). This project is fully funded and don’t let the foreign currency scare you, there’s a US Dollar equivalent on each reward level. The prices are an estimate, but $1 gets you access to low resolution versions of the map, while $8 gets you PDF versions suitable for printing. This project, running until April 16, is fully funded and unlocked every announced stretch goal.”

Dungeon of the Day Kickstarter is now live!

We are now releasing the “Dungeon of the Day” Kickstarter.
One tabletop RPG dungeon map every day – seven days a week! Detailed battlemaps will be included. We start at 101 maps in 101 days!

With “the Sage” Skip Williams!
Most maps can be the basis for your own adventures (hopefully with the aid of the furnishing) but we’ve convinced Skip Williams to write a scenario or two for us – if we reach stretch goals! See ”Stretch
goals” below.

Developing unique maps
Using a unique technique, the maps will be made as dungeon maps AND battle maps at the same time! Both versions will come complete with furnishing. Before even making the first of these dungeon maps I have spent hundreds of hours during several years developing this unique and efficient workflow. This means I can use my time creating exciting dungeons instead of battling technical difficulties. I am using Adobe Illustrator to make the maps – with some aid from Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

* 101 dungeon maps (at least)
* Furnished maps
* Unique workflow
* Detailed dungeon map every day
* Detailed battlemaps every day
* Full color
* Suitable for printing
* Dungeon + scenario (depending on stretch goals)

Variety of maps
We will make a variety of maps – many dungeon maps but also castles, mines, houses, sewers, Dwarven cities. Most of the maps will be fully furnished with chairs, tables, rugs, torches etc. Each map will be fitted into a regular 8.5 x 11 paper (roughly A4 size) so that you can easily print it. Some maps can also be connected to each other to form a larger map – while other maps will be smaller.

Dungeon maps and battlemaps
The maps will be posted on the brand new ”Dungeon of the Day” Blog (at Megaton Games). All visitors to the blog can download the maps in low resolution. Backers will receive higher quality maps in print resolution. Higher tier supporters will even get high resolution
battle maps – suitable for printing and use with your miniatures!