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  1. Hi,

    It looks like you’re up to map #27, but I haven’t received any maps since #16 on May 24th. Just checking to see if something is wrong with my account.


  2. For the DriveThru RPG, could the maps you sell either include the higher quality jpg or png or even a separate option for the maps in jpg or png instead of just pdf format? I ask because i use Fantasy Grounds software, and if I had an image file, I could easily use them in there instead of taking a screenshot of a pdf. Sadly the software will not let me use a pdf for a map. It would likely also be helpful for other virtual tabletops as well. Thank you for the quality work you have done so far.

    1. Hi Grebog!
      Thanks for your comment (commwents are very welcome!).
      Yes, there are also high res JPG versions suitable for VTT and poster size printing) of all maps -they will be available on DriveThruRPG within a few weeks.

      1. Hi Megaton, I’ve never received any of my maps from the DoD KS. After I sponsored I started running a space themed game and haven’t needed them and just thought I’d go ahead and wait until all 111 plus poster maps were completed and download them at once. But, I can’t even find where to do that other than to buy them again on dtrpg. Thx for the assist. Smiles

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